The Adventures of Randy


Randy never thought his life could become more dull until he began working for The Bread Company. What started as a simple part-time gig quickly becomes an epic intergalactic adventure all for the inscription of the founder's recipe.

Intercept. The Adventures of Randy #2, Sci-Fi, Space Exploration, Time Travel, Mind-Bending, Multiple Realities

Randy, now an official member of the Bread Company, is kidnapped by a powerful foe. When he learns Mr. Conz is still alive he will do anything he can to stop the man with the umbrella from ruling again. And again... And again.. And again...


Randy’s transition through life has led him to Central. A mysterious community filled with many wonders… and dangers… When he discovers its true purpose, he is launched into another intense adventure where he is faced with the true mastermind behind all of his trials.

The Adventures of Randy

A mysterious restaurant…

An evil corporate…

Hidden threats in the dark…

Randy is what many would call an ‘ordinary’ person until he embarks on an adventure with The Bread Company. After many skirmishes with life and death, will he finally come to grips with his true purpose in life? Or will he sink down into the depths of the Beneath? Never to be seen again?

Will he thwart the evil that encapsulates every moment of time itself? Or will he parish in an apocalyptic disaster of astronomical proportions?

Find out in this exciting sci-fi adventure!

The Adventures of Randy by Andrew Zellgert; The Bread Company, Intercept, Central

This collection will be released when 'Central' releases on December 13th, 2022