Five years after The Bread Company...


The voice of Mr. Conz...


Time ticks slowly...


Randy, now an official member of the Bread Company, is kidnapped by a powerful foe. When he learns Mr. Conz is still alive he will do anything he can to stop the man with the umbrella from ruling again. And again...  And again.. And again...


Teens and young adults will enjoy this mind-being sequel through time and space.


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Themes You May Like In This Book:

Sci-Fi, Time Travel, Reality Shifting, Mind-Bending, Adventure

Formats: eBook & Paperback


(For the entire trilogy)

An enthralling tale seasoned with fun, adventure, and SF intrigue…

Zellgert’s latest follows the adventures of an unlikely hero, who finds himself entangled in a horde of life-and-death situations after he joins a restaurant workforce. Randy is just an ordinary guy trying to find an average job. When he joins the Bread Company, he has no idea his life will change forever. What begins as a simple gig quickly becomes a dangerous intergalactic adventure. With the enemies trying to get their hands on the inscription of the founder’s recipe, Randy and his teammates know they must hurry or risk facing failure. Zellgert’s fast-paced narration pulls readers into an adventurous story of SF intrigue. Randy’s struggles with his self-doubts, vulnerabilities, and his exasperation at his teammates’ behavior make him a thoroughly relatable, flesh-and-blood character. The secondary cast is equally compelling, with Zellgert successfully channeling their senseless quirks. At times, the story jumps between multiple storylines, but Zellgert effortlessly ties up all the loose threads, creating a satisfying ending. An entertaining, well-paced intergalactic adventure.

     -The Prairies



The Adventures of Randy Trilogy!

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