Children's Sci-Fi Adventure Author

Andrew Zellgert is a children's Sci-Fi author who mainly writes about spiritual and mental conflicts.

He has spent the past few years of his life delving deeper into how he can convey powerful, difficult topics from the real world into fictitious analogical stories.

Releasing August 23rd: The Bread Company

Randy never thought his life could become more dull until he began working for The Bread Company. What started as a simple part-time gig quickly becomes an epic intergalactic adventure all for a little scrap of paper with the inscription of the founder's recipe.

Latest Release: A Night at the Cinema

Three dramatic novellas designed to encapsulate the reader. From thrillers to Sci Fi Epics. An experience truly worthy of the cinema.

A Night at the Cinema by Andrew Zellgert: Sci-Fi Author; Victoria, The Tale of Stephanie, Self Destruction

"This book is fast-paced, action-packed, high-tech, and gripping — once you start, I'm sure you won’t be able to stop until you’ve finished it!"

-Raju Chacko

ICDA by Andrew Zellgert: The Intergalactic Children's Defense Authority

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