Andrew Zellgert is an award winning surrealist author who primarily writes science fiction and fantasy for teens.

Many of his main characters take on the perspective of individuals with Asperger Syndrome to show just how strange, random, and dangerous life may seem from the perspective of someone who is neurodivergent. 


He currently has twelve releases spanning from epic intergalactic espionage to chilling dystopian prison life. His latest work, 24:00, follows Shelly through another mind-bending adventure through time to vanquish her foes once and for all and reclaim her childhood.

Zellgert is a medalist in the Outstanding Creator Awards of Summer 2022 and has been reviewed positively by BookLife, The Prairies Review, and Readers Favorite. In his spare time, he loves to read children’s books and go for walks in his hometown of St. Cloud, Minnesota.


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