Andrew Zellgert; American Sci-Fi Author

Andrew Zellgert is a Sci-Fi Adventure author who writes about mental & spiritual calamity.

His books are typically written in the sci-fi genre and deal with the calamities of real life in the form of sci-fi allegories. He currently has 6 general releases - Nerdia, The Spectrum of Light, The Frozen Time, Split, The Adventures of Wally Winderkins, and ICDA, and A Night at the Cinema.

His latest work, The Bread Company, features Randy as he travels through the cosmos on an epic sci-fi, space jumping, high-flying adventure to find the founder's recipe and protect the Planet of Bread.

You can contact or connect with Andrew Zellgert at:

Twitter: @AndrewZellgert

Facebook: @zellgertbooks


Pinterest: /andrewzellgert


“The hamster has spoken! - Ambivelence (From A Night at the Cinema)