During My Downtime, My Mind Wanders

Stories Are Born


The sun comes up in the morning,

Despite the half that is storming.

Half of my lawn is dry and dead,

The other half moist and overfed.


For the rain only rains on half of my lawn,

Half of my garden has always been gone.

Oh, how I long for that sweet summer day,

Where rain on both haves is considered okay.


But that’s not the case, I regret to say,

My strange dilemma is here to stay.

-Posted on Facebook by Andrew Zellgert © 2022

Sleep Deprivation

"When the gloves don't work like they used to before,"

Typewriting penguins chill me to the core.

"And I can't sweep you off of your feet,"

Thinking. (Unable to sleep.)

I lie in bed awake at night,

Considering all that give a fright.

The hidden hound. A dog bite,

Or the adventurous flame to excite.

Ideas come to me at night,

They visit me, taking flight.

I lie in bed awake at night,

Thoughts floating like a kite.

Ideas come at me to fight,

But I don't care. It's alright.

I lie in bed awake at night,

Unable to think. Only write.

Whimsical, ever-churning sight,

Until the morning arrives with light,

I shall lie in bed awake at night,

Floating thoughts just like a kite. 

-Posted on Facebook by Andrew Zellgert © 2022

The Blank Page

Once upon a time, there was a blank page. This blank page felt very lonely because it had no text on it and it really wanted some. It sat on the vast expanse of the internet for many hours desperately waiting for someone to come by and type on it.


Then one day an author, who had OCD, spotted the blank page and took pity on him, so he wrote a random blurb explaining the page's dilemma hoping one day someone would swing by and help the page with his condition.

-Privately Posted by Andrew Zellgert © 2022

Creative Things







Visionaries and



Help and





C.R.E.A.T.I.V.E     T.H.I.N.G.S


-Posted on Twitter by Andrew Zellgert © 2022

Graduation Day is Here

Going beyond the elementary years,

Remembering the good times and fallen tears.

Another year. A new beginning,

Doing the impossible. Never quitting.

Up on a bunk bed I lay,

Allowing my dreams to take me away.

Taking my time to think to dream,

Interesting ideas fill the scene.

Off I go into the unknown,

Never dying, I have grown.


Doing all I can,

An ever-evolving man,

Yes, I am graduating.


In mysteries and sunken seas,

Sunsets beyond my wildest dreams.


Here is where I make my mark,

Energetic creativity. A spark.

Remember these words, it will be quite a climb,

Each challenge I face I’ll make it. Every time.

-Privately Posted by Andrew Zellgert © 2022

Snack Time

The soda machine returned my bill, and I sadly took it back. My hope of getting a quick snack between classes shattered. I walked down the hall away from the machine when I saw it: A bag of trail mix sitting inside a vending machine off to the side elevated on a rickety wooden platform.

I reached out and tried to shake it, however, the massive box would not budge. I ignored the warning labels on the side of the mechanical merchant and proceeded to shake it vigorously. Desperately trying to force the delicious snack out of its grasp. I could almost task the nutty goodness and chocolate bliss.

I pulled harder and harder, the wooden platform vibrated and creaked atrociously, but it held. I shook it with all my might and a moment later, a small ‘thunk’ echoed within and the tiny package fell out of the vending machine. I stopped rattling the vending machine and gently tipped it back onto the wooden platform, which creaked for a few moments before going silent once more.

I crinkled the plastic bag of the trail mix, placing it against my cheek and breathing a sigh of relief like a crazed, obsessive candy lover. A small creak echoed throughout the hall, but I didn’t listen. I continued to inhale the powerful aroma of luscious chocolate, salty caramel, sharp peanuts, and fruity raisins.

I tried my hardest to imagine what it would be like to consume the trail mix. The colorful bag was calling to me. When I couldn’t wait for a second longer, I carefully broke the seal and allowed the wonderful aromas to waft through my nostrils. Allowing it to fill me up like a symphony for the senses.

I reached into the bag, picked up a chocolate, and slowly chewed it. The dopamine rush was instantaneous and another creeeeaaaak echoed throughout the hall. But I still didn’t listen. I continued to enjoy my trail mix. Allowing each new flavor to envelop me completely.


The vending machine crushed my body and death was instant. For the wooden platform had given way and my ignorance had been my downfall.

Written by Andrew Zellgert © 2022


The hooded figure sat in the execution chair with its head hung low.

“Mavric Stubs!” said a menacing voice that made the dungeon recoil in fear. “You have two minutes.”

The hooded figure sighed and said, “My journey to this point has been a long one…” He looked up at the glowing red cameras and one-way mirror before him. “My encounter with the alien was a journey I do not regret.”

“The entity on file referred to as Essay?” spat the menacing voice.

“Of course,” replied the figure in the cloak. “It all started when the mysterious creature crash landed in my backyard. It had come from the Planet of Assignment and needed someone to look after it. So, the first logical thing to do would be to train it—”

“You TRAINED that menace?” sneered the voice. “How?”

“Well, I had to gain its trust first,” replied the cloaked figure. “It had no reason to like me. And besides, I didn’t want to turn it into the Academic Nature Reserve until I knew they could handle it.”

“Is that so…” snickered the voice on the other side of the mirror. “Go on.”

“One of the many obstacles was trying to present my intentions in a way that made sense,” continued the cloaked figure. “Essay was tricky to tame, and I really wish I had a little more time—"

“But you worked with a partner,” rasped another voice on the other side of the mirror. The echo shattered hope. The judgment etched on their faces could be seen faintly through the doorway of the captive’s imagination.

“It is true I had help from Dr. Study the alienologist,” replied the cloaked figure. “The good doctor has a knack for training hostile, alien creatures such as Essay.”

“What were your first impressions of this creature?” inquired the raspy voice.

“As far as impressions go, it was filthy to start. A jumbled mess that was not pleasing to the eye,” replied the figure in the cloak. “One of the first things I did after training Essay was giving it a bath—”

“You…. WHAT???” shouted the raspy voice, causing earsplitting acoustic feedback to echo throughout the room. “You brought it into your HOME???”

“Of course,” replied the cloaked figure.

“You are forbidden from doing that,” snarled the menacing voice. “By order of Procrastination & Partners, we hereby fire you and sentence you to death!”

The chamber began to fill with fire and within seconds the entire dungeon flooded with flames. The cloak burned to the crisp as it floated to the ground.

When the fire died down, the executives at Procrastination & Partners approached the cloak with nobody in sight.

“Dead?” asked one.

“Look,” rasped the other.

A smoldering note lay on the ground with one thing scrawled on it: “Nice try.”

Written by Andrew Zellgert © 2022

Distress Signal

Confusion. Ideals. Morals. Facts. Nonsense. Nonunderstanding. Shutout.

Unable to understand life or anything regarding or associated to it. Locked out. Life can be tough even when you think it is easy. Stuck in a cold, heartless box in the middle of an abandoned, forgotten road on a no-name street. My life is a box. My life is my family. There was a cat, but she is no more. Constricting. My inability to understand anything anymore. Daunting. The door looms closer and I can hardly breathe. Stockholm Syndrome. Trapped in a cage of my own doing. Being released for the first time.



Stuck in a never-ending problem that won’t go away,

My troubles said they are here to stay.

I am numb and not okay.

Life makes no sense today.

Tomorrow, forever. I long to know—


Speaking words into silence. Darkness, abyss, eternal black unending. Randomness ever swirling within the breathing cognition of civilization.

Confusing blustering winds of ideals and conformity. Nobody else confused. Normality to all.

Life outside of the box is different, overwhelming, tragic, terrifying, unending, help……..



Written by Andrew Zellgert © 2022

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Anthony sat at his desk, pondering his thoughts for the day. The ideas and confusing issues of his horribly simple life paraded around his mind like a heavy windstorm threatening to tear the inhabitants of his mind apart. As Anthony sat at his desk, it occurred to him that he could just be an insignificant spec in the grand scheme of the universe, and this made him sad. He wished he could be something more than what he already was. Someone worthwhile. Someone who was always busy with a filled schedule. Someone who was well liked and cared for.

He looked around at the run-down cottage he sat in and sighed heavily. This was his life. He just sat around in this abandoned home, wasting his life away. Within that time, he passed away and his spirit lingered there to continue wallowing in his misery. Never accomplishing anything, desiring things to do.

No more than 15 lightyears from where Anthony existed was an alien by the name of Okeith. Okeith was a very busy individual. Every hour of his day was filled with things to do, people to see, and plans to be put in motion. He did not have time to eat, he did not have time to sleep. Just the constant hustle and bustle of work. He longed to have nothing to do. He longed to just sit and relax for the rest of his days. Coffee and sugar kept him going, however, he was walking a tightrope and at any moment he could fall. His life was a constant balancing act as he tried to keep the pieces of it together using what could only be described as mental duct tape.

He wore a smile, but in reality, he was dying inside. Okeith was working himself to exhaustion and it would eventually lead to his demise. He passed away the next day and there he remained. Bound to the work he had worked during his living years as he tried his hardest to complete the never-ending laundry list of tasks that he needed to complete.

Both Anthony and Okeith lived in the same universe by the same stars in the same galaxy. Yet each desired what the other had and both of them wasted their lives away. Don’t be like them. Make a difference and work hard but give yourself time to recoup from time to time. Live life to its fullest and appreciate what has been given to you. Life is a gift. Cherish it.

Prompt: “Write about two characters who both want what the other has, without knowing the feeling is mutual.” 

Written by Andrew Zellgert © 2022

The Disappearance

“Bye!” called Harry as Jimmy left the elevator.

“Thanks!” shouted Jimmy. “See you tomorrow!”

The elevator doors closed again, and the sounds of humming can be heard as the metal room gradually made its way up the massive glass skyscraper. While he waited, Harry checked his phone.

It was 8:15 PM. Just enough time to stop in the break room for some lunch before heading to the next meeting. The elevator dinged and Harry picked up his briefcase and stepped out into the dark hallway. He frowned and looked around as he tried to work out what he was seeing. Nobody was there as far as he could tell. He was alone on the highest floor of the office. He cautiously looked around and spotted a faint light purple glow in the distance. Not knowing what else to do, he followed the light, assuming the staff were on break or testing a new product.

“Hello?” he asked.

As if in response, the purple light vanished. Leaving Harry alone in the dark. Harry looked around wildly, desperately trying to see through the darkness before him. “Hello…?”

A light sprung up out of the corner of his eye and he slowly turned to see the faint purple light at returned. This time on the opposite end of the room. He cautiously took a step forward, trying his hardest to stay as quiet as possible to the curious light. A floorboard creaked and Harry stopped. The light flickered for a few seconds, but it did not go out. Harry was relieved and he continued to approach the strange light. Was this a joke? Where was everyone?

A couple seconds later, he was right in front of the stray purple light, which turned out to be a small flickering orb. Harry carefully reached out a hand to the orb, while trying to be as quiet as possible. The orb seemed to have a mind of its own, backing away slightly as if it were hesitant about Harry’s bold approach.

“It’s okay, little guy,” whispered Harry. “I’m not going to hurt you…”

As if in response, a gnarly hand reached out of the darkness above the orb and grabbed Harry’s shoulder.

“AHH!” shouted Harry and to his dismay, the orb snuffed out.

“Harrrryyyyyyyy…” hissed a voice.

“Who… who… who’s there…?” stuttered Harry as he tried his hardest to see through the darkness (Though he wasn’t entirely sure he wanted to).

Just then, light purple flames sprung up and within the flames was the head of Jimmy. His face was wrinkled and twisted. His teeth had rotted out and his fingernails had grown unusually long.

“Jimmy…?” gasped Harry.

“DIE NOW,” roared Jimmy’s head and it barred its teeth and began to float towards Harry. Another mysterious disembodied hand reached out of the darkness and grabbed Harry. Then another and another.

The evil head began to chuckle as it got closer and closer to Harry. It’s laughing resonated throughout the office building like that of a cathedral hall. Jimmy’s head was now only a couple feet away. Now a foot. More hands reached out and grabbed Harry’s arms and the young employee couple believe he was going to die like this. At the hand of his own colleague. He-

“SURPIRSE!” shouted many voices.

The lights clicked on almost immediately and Jimmy’s head, the hands, and the purple light vanished immediately. Harry looked around wildly trying to figure out what was happening. His boss, his coworkers, and his friends were all around him wearing birthday hats and holding plates with cake on them. Harry, whose heart was still racing like mad, sighed a sigh of relief. It had been a hoax. A prank that clearly had been designed to scare him.

“So, what do you think?” asked Mr. Gluen, Harry’s supervisor.

“It was quiet a surprise, that’s for sure,” replied Harry, who shivered.

“What do you mean?” asked Mr. Gluen with a curious expression.

“That whole situation involving Jerry? That was genius…” laughed Harry.

“Jerry?” asked Mr. Gluen with a frown. “You mean this guy?” He held up a newspaper headline and upon reading it, Harry’s heart stopped. For the headline in question read this sickening statement: “Employee Found Dead This Morning. Rouge Driver In Custody.”

Prompt: "Bye!" you called as the person you were with got into an elevator. As the doors shut, they waved. They were never seen again.

Written by Andrew Zellgert © 2022

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