The Adventures of Wally Winderkins

Mr. Wally Winderkins is trapped in a box…

Floating in space… Alone with a witch…

Until… Things change…

Mr. Wally Winderkins had no idea why Karren keeps beating him at chess until she confesses she is a witch who trapped him in a time loop. After learning this, Wally escapes and learns life is far more difficult than he originally thought.

He encounters foe after foe while being stalked by the mysterious Hatsmen as he tries to make his way back home to Earth.

Children will enjoy the imagination involved in this inspiring, adventure story about life and the challenges we face in the real world.

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Themes You May Like In This Book:

Sci-Fi, Imaginative, Funny, Spontaneous, Amusing

Formats: eBook & Paperback [ONLY in The Adventures of Randy #3]