The Adventures of Wally Winderkins

Mr. Wally Winderkins is trapped in a different dimension after he was abducted. He meets many people and creatures alike as he traverses the universes trying to make his way back home to Earth.

“You are the dragon?” asked Wally doubtfully.

“Yes!” said the dragonfly. “That is me! Deception the Dragon!”

“So, your name is Deception?” asked Wally.

“Perhaps,” said Deception. “Who are you?”

“I am Wally!” said Wally.

“So, you are the one everyone is talking about!” said Deception.

“Talking about?” asked Wally.

“The one who is trying to get past Hatsmen!” laughed Deception. “It is not going to work, you know!”

“How would you know?” asked Wally.

“Because I just know!” said Deception. “No point in hiding the truth from you, is there?”

“But I think you are hiding something from me, Deception,” said Wally.

“Perhaps…” said the massive dragonfly. “It may even be a way for you to get home…

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