The Frozen Time

The Frozen Time

To his surprise and growing confusion, he realized that the sled wasn’t a sled at all. It was made out of lettuce. Without a doubt. It was clearly multiple sheets of lettuce sewn together by some kind of rope. The sled came to a complete stop and as his eyes wandered across the sled, he nearly fell back in surprise upon spotting a muscular carrot with arms and legs.

“Oy! Stare at someone else!” snapped the carrot.

“Yeah!” snapped another voice. Zach looked over at another muscular carrot, who was standing in front of the first.

Then, Zach became aware of the fact that the entire sled was being pulled by muscular carrots, who all possessed human-like features such as arms, legs, faces, and green hair.

“What exactly is going on here?” asked Zach curiously.

“On is going nowhere!” snarled one of the carrots.

“What…?” said Zach.

“Nor is what!” said another carrot.

“The only thing that is going anywhere is us!” laughed a third.

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