The Spectrum of Light

The Spectrum of Light is about Doris as she ventures through the lands of autism and who she meets there. This fun analogical adventure shows the trials one faces when one is on the spectrum.

Doris slowly lowered the brain and magnifying glass. “I apologize, I can be a little socially awkward,” she admitted.

“That is okay,” said the voice.

“What is your name?” asked Doris.

“My name is Angzi!” said the voice. “But my full name is Angzi Ety. Or Anxiety. I am anxious to get to know you better! Perhaps I can even become a companion on your journey.”

Doris got excited. Angzi wanted to be a companion and join her on her journey! How exciting! At this moment, she had completely dropped her guard and was ready to continue on out the other side of the castle with Angzi and onward to whatever lay ahead. She then turned to Angzi’s silhouette and asked, “Could you step out of the shadows? I can’t see you…” She then remembered the workmen. “If you have really big eyes and a loud voice, I will not be offended.”

“I do not…” said Angzi. “But that is a very good point, and I shall make a note of that.”

The Spectrum of Light. A story about autism by Andrew Zellgert; Children's Christian Fiction


Paperback Edition

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