Mark didn’t know what to think. One second, he was at home eating his breakfast getting ready for school and the next moment he was on a flying bus with some guy named Arthur who happened to be a doctor.

“I hope you are comfy cozy back there!” said the bus driver.

“Who are you?” asked Mark suspiciously.

“You are a direct descendant of Toby, are you not?” asked the doctor.

“You mean Toby? My 11th great grandfather?” asked Mark. He was even more suspicious now.

“Precisely!” said the bus driver.

“Sooo… Mr. Mathmatica… I have a question…” said Mark slowly.

“That’s DOCTOR Mathmatica if you don’t mind!” snapped the bus driver.

“Right… Dr. Mathmatica… what is Nerdia?” asked Mark.

“WHAT?!?!” shouted the doctor. He slammed on the breaks and the entire bus came to a screeching halt. In midair. It just sat there, frozen in the space it had been in moments before. Dr. Mathmatica got up from his seat and walked down the aisle to where Mark was sitting. “What do you mean by WHAT is Nerdia?” he asked.

The second volume in the Trilogy of Trilogies

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