Dr. Roger: A Detective Story

“What an interesting hypothesis!” said Dr. Roger. “However, I am disinclined to accept that offer. You appear to be under the assumption that I am going to voluntarily accept my demise. I think not!”

“You can throw fancy words at me all you like, DOCTOR,” said IQ. “But I am staying aloof from this witless banter. Your superfluous decisions display your inability to comprehend my perception!”

“You don’t say!” said the doctor. He began to circle the brain and though the guards did nothing, the doctor could feel their eyes follow his every move. “You possess a very captivating comprehension of present-day speech! However, do you truly believe your preposterous idiosyncrasies will stay confidential?” he stopped circling IQ and faced the brain with a smile.

“Indeed?” inquired IQ, with his eyebrows raised. “You truly give credence to that?”

“Absolutely!” said Dr. Roger.

“Enough games!” snarled the brain. “Tell me what quirky behavior is being exposed?”

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