A Night at the Cinema

Alex lost something important….


Stephanie is looking for her destiny…


Victoria needs to stop a madman…

A Night at the Cinema is the most epic collection of cinema-like stories ever compiled in one place.



Alex is trapped in the Dissimulate Institute. There are bullies, dangers, and mysteries at every turn. A chilling disturbance operates unseen in the shadows. Biding its time.



Stephanie boards a magical steam train hoping to ride to her destiny. When she learns her ex is in trouble, she has to face many dangers to save him and everyone else.



Victoria had a perfectly ordinary life until one day, she is kidnapped and brought to a higher plane of existence. Beyond comprehension. Beyond cardinality.


Stories truly worthy of the cinema.


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Collection, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Thriller, Adventure, Tense, Exciting, Collection, Poems

Formats: eBook & Paperback