“Let us all welcome our new prisoners who need to be judged!” announced the man on the throne. He pulled out a book and ran his finger down a list that Elly could not see. After a few seconds he shouted, “They are not in the Book of Life! Therefore, they must die for their sins because they did not live a perfect life!”

The crowd within the room cheered.

Elly frowned then shouted, “And what have I done to deserve this punishment?”

The room went silent. The imposter of Jesus jerked his head towards Elly and snarled, “How dare you insult me! I am Jesus! I don’t recall you deserving anything!”

“If you are indeed Jesus, then prove it!” said Elly, though she already knew what the imposter would say.

“You cannot test your God!” said the imposter. “Now, away with you!”

“Surely you would forgive me for what I have done?” asked Elly. “Or are you just some impersonator judging people for no reason other than the fact that you want power?”

Upon hearing this the man’s eyes bulged, and he shouted, “This young woman has mocked me! Guards, away with her! She is not worthy to be in my sights, the sinner!”

The crowd once again, cheered.

“But if you are indeed my God, then you must tell me, what sins have you committed?” asked Elly slyly.

Then the imposter made his mistake. “I have committed many sins, for your information!” he retorted. Then he froze. He covered his mouth and realized he had blown his cover. The crowd around him began to bicker with one another, unsure about what they had just heard.

“On another note… who wants their sins removed from their bodies?” asked the imposter.

The final volume in the Trilogy of Trilogies

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