Ariana raised her sword and looked around. “Where is the creature?” she asked. “I will slay it…”

“Oh, that won’t be necessary…” said a cool male voice behind her.

Ariana and the woman jumped. Ariana whirled around to see a man in torn clothes and blood across his face. He was smirking and he said, “Ariana, don’t you see that you are useless?” he asked. “No matter what you do you wouldn’t be able to hit the beast with both eyes open! Heck! You're worthless!”

Ariana suddenly realized what was going on and she quoted something she had read once in the Bible. “Get behind me, Satan!” The man and the woman looked at her wide-eyed, and they instantly dissipated. She smiled to herself and then quickly ran out of the cave. Except, when she was out again, she was no longer coming out of the cave on the battlefield. She came out of the entrance to a massive arena. Crowds of people were sitting around it cheering. On the opposite end of the field was a man wearing square spectacles. Before her was a table with a chess set on it.

“The next round of ‘The Games’ has begun!” thundered a loudspeaker above.

The crowd cheered. Ariana walked up to the man.

“Greetings!” he said. “Have a seat.”

The first volume in the Trilogy of Trilogies

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