It was morally wrong to steal from others and he should have seen that from the beginning. Suddenly, the sounds of dogs barking behind him could be heard and he realized the gang was no longer chasing him. They had sent the town police after him.

“Oh, great,” murmured Trevor. “Just what I need. More trouble.”

He continued to run faster and faster as he tore past the tall grass and plant life around him. He tried with all of his might to stay as far away from the police as he could, though he knew it would be useless to try because the edge of the field was now visible up ahead. He could just make out the police in the distance. Waiting for him. This made Trevor sigh. He had never intended to get caught this quickly if at all. He regretted ever joining the no-good gang and selling his life away just to end up in a prison cell. He was so focused on all of this, that he did not spot an odd, shaped rock sticking out of the ground—which he stumbled over. Down Trevor tumbled into the tall grass where mud and grime got all over his face. Dirt and bugs got into his nose and mouth and Trevor immediately spat them out as he slowly got up. Once he was at his feet, he dusted himself off and looked up at the house before him.

The house?

How long had that house been there?

For there was now indeed a house before him. Sitting in the middle of the field right in front of him. But hadn’t the edge of the field been in sight just moments before? Trevor stopped and listened. There were no dogs barking. No sounds of a chase or pursuit. There was no sign of anyone trying to find him at all. He frowned and cautiously approached the house. It appeared abandoned the way it sat there with its porch and barren lawn. Nobody appeared to be home. He walked up to the front door and noted a sign close by that stated: “Knock for Admittance.” Trevor decided to humor the sign and knocked. After a little while had passed by, he decided it was safe to enter. At the moment, he wasn’t sure what was going on, but he really wanted to find a hiding place before life threw another curveball at him.

This story will be available in 2022

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